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Polonia amerykańska wspiera hospicja dla dzieci w Polsce. Zebrano łącznie pół miliona dolarów
Ponad 100 tys. USD zebrano w Nowym Jorku i innych miastach USA w ramach zakończonej właśnie corocznej polonijnej akcji charytatywnej Świąteczny Uśmiech Dziecka. Od zainicjowania zbiórki na hospicja dziecięce w Polsce w 2014 roku zebrano łącznie pół miliona dolarów. More»


5K October at Forest Park

5K October at Forest Park
The Children’s Smile Foundation, along with the Polish Running Team, organized the 3rd annual “Children’s Smile Foundation’s 5K October Run”. It took place on October 15th, 2017 in Forest Park, Queens, New York.

This year 156 runners participated. Similarly, to previous years, the run started off with the youngest age group of 4-7 years old. In this category, Sebastian Pac finished in 1st place, Matthew Kozdra - 2nd place, and Tomek Kochanek in 3rd place. In the 8-13 age group, which ran 1,000 meter, Alexander Jopek finished in 1st place, Giovanni Dama - 2nd place, and Damian Traska in 3rd place. For medalist Alexander Jopek, this would be his 2nd time winning 1st place, as he had also won in 2016, with the fastest time for the 1K race.

The 5K run for adults was won as follows: 1st place in the women’s category was achieved by Zaneta Bogusz, with a time of 21:49, 2nd place - Marta Wawrzusiak (22:14), and finally, 3rd place, Justyna Brzezinski, with a time of 23:15. Amon the men, Krzysztof Rzaca took 1st place (21:09), 2nd place - Pawel Mysliwiec (21:19), and 3rd place was Tomasz Przepiora (21:30).

The sponsors of the race topped it off by awarding the participants with various refreshments afterwards. Coffee, as well as delicious cakes from “Syrena Bakery”, located in Greenpoint, and traditional Polish doughnuts “paczki” from the bakery, “Pieklo” in Maspeth, were generously offered.

Mariusz Sniarowski, president of the Children’s Smile Foundation, along with director, Malgorzata Czajowska, presented the winners with trophies and medals. Awards for the top athletes were funded by the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union in Maspeth, and were granted by Ms. Hanna Olszowska herself.

This Sunday event had a very successful turnout and proved to be a wonderful way for families to spend time together. The day was full of joy, which was made evident in the plentiful smiles seen on participants’ and coordinators’ faces.

This year’s honorary guest was 4 year old Michelle Stepniarek, for whom this run was dedicated. Michelle and her family drove all the way from Connecticut for this race, in which they also took part.

This year’s “Children’s Smile Foundation 5K October Run” raised money for a reconstructive surgery that Michelle needs to have on her ear. Following the run, the foundation will donate $4,521.00 for this cause.

The Children’s Smile Foundation wants to thank all participants and sponsors from the bottom of their hearts for all the love and support. Special thanks to the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, Polish Running Team, Belvedere Bridge, Victoria Consulting & Development LLC, Vision Financial Planning, the Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C, AMN Corporation, Cobalt Mechanical, Inc., Siedlecki Construction, American Travel Abroad, Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men, Inc., ETS Contracting, Inc., and the School of Polish Language and Culture in the name of St. John Paul II in Maspeth.

We want to thank all the Polish Running Team, who helped organizing this event and Artur Tyszuk who sponsored two cash awards to luck participants selected in a lottery. Also, a big thank you to the volunteers, who were a tremendous help.


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